2017 ~ MATAMP UK adverts "GREEN" Matamp amps for sale online!
Only to become an immediate Craigslist.com item for sale in the USA.

This amp arrived in Michigan in June of 2017. 

CRAIGSLIST Detroit Michigan June 2017. Brand new Matamp Amp Unit made May of 2017 in England.
For sale $2000 US Dollars. Amp did not sell so it was sent to Spokane, Washington USA
for a credit toward another GREEN Amp made by Electric Amp USA. 
This dude compared his EA-USA GREEN Electricamp MV-120 to this UK amp,

both made in May of 2017.
 "No comparison = FOR SALE, hand made sorcery amp v.s. assembly line generic tone amp!"
Expensive lesson fueled by online social media hate group "FAKE NEWS" that turned out with a good ending.
EA-USA MV-GZ51 was made for this individual in Michigan to go next to his 
GREEN Electricamp USA MV-120.


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