Transition of tube amps in one stack.  The folded chassis era by Mat Mathias.

TOP TO BOTTOM: 62 MATAMP Series 2000 20watt,
69 ORANGE Matamp 80watt, and the 74 ORANGE Pic Only 120watt.

Notice how the front panels mount with 4 screws to the amp sleeve.
The two on top have the same front end line up & EQ up to the
volume knob.  The fuse holders as you can see were moved to
the back.  Power switch and power light were moved over to
the far right, and the two vertical holes were no ECHO send
and return jacks known as effects loop.

Folded Alluminum Chassis Units, the last of an era of amps from
Mat Mathias.  Although the power output had increased over this
10 year era, the chassis was the same and maxed out.

The GOOD: Clean and Precise front panel display.  The "foreward" to the precise interior design and craftmanship.  The tear drop markers on the checker piece knobs move very accurate and smooth still after more than 40 years.  The simple 3 valve 20watt amp is a complete silent circuit with no frequency noise, hum or buzz.  The tones are so pure it is incredible to play through.  When turned up beyond 12 noon on the volume knob the sustain and natural feedback are audio perfect as if this amp was "made" for recording. With the volume knob turned up all the way, the amp is still silent until you strum your

The BAD: Titled "The Bad"  because this amp is so badass.  1969, music and festivals, the
Cooper - Mathias relationship transcribed into the ORANGE Matamp.  This 2 EL34 Unit had some mondo transformers wound and explodes with volume and tone.  The volume is so intense with the circuit turned up that it punches you physically with sound.  The large knobs have smoothed out, however maintain the tear drop.  The front panel is the same material as the earlier model Series 2000, however is engraved with ORANGE Matamp. 80 watts that seemed to be insane with volume.  Still an incredibly quiet amp unit until the strings are strummed.   This was a MATAMP with a different panel logo and orange dressing.

The Orange: To most this was ugly, to some of us it was an amp dressed like a super hero.
1974 ORANGE Picture Front Only Reverse Plex.  In 1973 Mat Mathias decided to make Matamp
seperate from Orange.  A clear plastic plex panel with a reverse screen print on the back with
the illustrations.  Brilliant idea, as the panel could not be scratched.  The down side was the
edges would break.  Now this folded chassis was sporting mondo transformers with 4-EL34's
and delivered volume by the ton like a diesel freight truck.  This unit unfortunately does not have
the original 2 small knobs on it.  Not a bad match from a distance, but the small knobs
for bass and treble were the same as the knobs used for small on the models above.
Although the front panel did not say Matamp, and the mini "Voice Of The World" crest had
now appeared, the back of amp sleeve has a badge that says ORANGE Matamp.  Later to
be removed and the reverse screen plex front was replaced by an enameled  metal Pic Only panel.
This amp too is totally silent and delivers incredible tone.  Total 5 Knob Workhorse
that sounds good with guitar or bass.

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