12 Amplifiers ranging from the 1964 MATAMP Series 2000 , 3 fine ORANGE Matamp and 1 ORANGE
Matamp 200, an original MATAMP GT120, year 2000 GREEN Matamp [last of the heavy duty chassis and
original size] 3 post 2001 Matamp units on the new style chassis, [1224, GTL & the GTO]. Include the
Orange Voice of the World SLAVE UNIT, with a nice ORANGE Voice of The World AD Amp unit and that
is one serious tube amp line up.  Last and the least watt, 1 MiniMat that brings the total to 12.10 Amps.

Set those on top of the ORANGE Voice of The World 2x15 Parabella, and the ORANGE 8-10, include
4 pre 2004 MATAMP 4x12's and you are set to drive these fine rigs with the various GIBSON guitars
and bass for the ultimate Tone and Volume Experience.

                                                       Photo courtesy of  MATAMPMAN Donnelly / USA


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