The first era of Green amps was like Vietnam.
Poorly received by the public and hard on those in contact with it.

Upon arrival to the USA, Matamp USA had many repairs, overhauls and refunds
to complete due to Matamp UK's lame problematic assembly and non-test process.

Non-working, smoking and unreliable amp units are what devistated bands like SLEEP 
in the mid 90's after spending thousands of dollars direct with the UK factory.    

Until 1998 with the official start of Matamp USA, no technical support was available.
The idea of setting the units up on 120volt and actually cranking a guitar through them
started and the melt downs now only happened at MATAMP USA's HQ.

The future customers began to receive an amp that was ready to play in the spirit
of how Mat Mathias would have intended his name to carry on.

Like Vietman the battle could have sustained on and on.

MATAMP UK ran low of Green Vinyde in 2004 and around the same time due to many
other production issues and changes, MATAMP USA ceased importing from the UK.

In 2004 GREEN Amps by ELECTRIC AMP, USA evolved in a Military Grade fashion and
for the first time from 100% new parts on a crisp green powder coated heavy gauge steel chassis.

In the end, the people that actually used the Green Amp[s] for guitar and bass, 
became the Innovators of the "real" Green Amps we know now.



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