1998 GREEN Matamp Pre Gain Circuit KT88 Amplifier 60-80watt
AKA: "Roadster" , S2000 by Dave Green

This amp features the PRE GAIN knob in the top instrument input jack.
INPUT provides full range EQ of the amp unit.  The PRE GAIN knob adds the spice to
the amp's distortion from addtional PRE AMP Tube math.
DIRECT turns the amp into a clean low volume unit.  PRE GAIN is not operational when
instrument is plugged into the DIRECT input jack.  DIRECT is ideal for FX and running
a processor, digital recording device, etc.  PRE-HEAT is the stand-by rocker switch.
This type of front panel with the PRE GAIN Knob, Rectangle Stand-by and Power Switch
were big changes for the front panel of "MATAMP".   This was the first of 2 amps
made in this format.  This amp's twin was modified with a horizontal 12AX7 mounted behind
the front panel and wired direct to the PRE GAIN knob. That version became the standard
build for the amps with these front panels  from 1999-2000 era.
The amp later became known as the S2000 or ROADSTER, and some were engraved with the
word  "Roadster" in script on their panels.

Out of the sleeve, it is revealed that the amp was built on an ORANGE Voice of the World Chassis.
Originally the amp was exported with 4 EL34's in it.  It just did not sound right.  Upon tech inpsection
in the USA, the transformers used in this unit were identified as BI-VALVE [2 valve] trannys.
With the correct voltage supply these transformers seemed ideal for KT88's !
The sockets were yanked and the amp unit was revived with full spirit in the correct Electric path by MAT USA.
This amp burled tone like no other unit that has ever come from the UK prior, or since.
Originally the amp had chicken head knobs too.  After years of requests, the correct knobs were
at last sent in 2005 making this amp look the way it was intended when ordered in 97.

Peel back the engraved Tref front panel and you see the ORANGE OTR panel.

ORANGE otr metal front panel.

This is the buxom tranny set that was seen on EARLY MATamp and ORANGE amps.
BURLY Tones, silent circuit, this amp pulls out Angus/Malcom Young of AC/DC riffage.
It is that kind of full warm tone that just begs for a GIBSON !
The amp is huge, full and striking with tone.  For most too much warm bottom end.
It is definately a great unit for capturing the first 4 Black Sabbath release's tone.
The tranny's are from older era MAT/ORANGE assembly which is very cool.
New, and probably sitting for years in Huddersfield on the shelf, Dave used them.
Amps to follow after the 1999 era ended, were assembled with DEMETER tranny's
that were lower output, inconsistant with voltage supply and problematic.
After the year 2000 Mercury Magnetics became a regular call for Matamp USA
seeking output tranny's with authentic balls and warranty.

A very cool unit and a very wild piece of MATAMP USA Import history from the UK.
The amp was quite a surprise to MATAMP USA upon it's arrival in 1999.
Blending of parts from Orange, and finished off with HIWATT's knobs.
Dave Green had just joined MATAMP UK replacing Dave Cockeling.
Under direction of Jeff Lewis, these amps were produced in Huddersfield,
then exported to the USA without any testing with an instrument.

2 Printed Circuit Boards during the experimental era of Matamp UK, Huddersfield.

Originally intended for a 2x12 Combo for Billy Gibbons, so the story goes from the UK.
An argument between Lewis and Gibbons ceased reason for the purchase by Billy.
The 2x12 combo box did not support the heavy amp chassis well, and traveling was out of the
question with the fragile wood and vinyde set up.  The amp arrived on top of the back of
the speaker cages, and the wood frame from the combo box was splintered like Firewood.
An amp sleeve was ordered, and arrived 18 months later, making this amp a very cool HEAD UNIT !
During the time span to attain an amp sleeve for it from the UK, the amp sat on top of a 4x12
in the MATAMP USA studio at the time roaring next to the imports of that era during testing.

16ohm Jack, and one 8 ohm Jack marked "COMBO".
These are direct wired, and there is no OHM selection.

The amp was labeled JW1 [Joel Wheeler] by Dave Green / MATAMP UK  in 1998.
The sticker for the back of the amp chassis became the standard from 1998 until the end of 2000.

Notes from DAVE GREEN regarding the original 4 - EL34 set up.

There are no ORANGE amp's that look like this under the hood.
This was the "printed circuit" with tube socket mount PC type format from MAT-UK.
Basic duplication of earlier Matamp / OR era, with extended PC foundations, divided into 2 boards.
During this era of amp assembly in Huddersfield, the folks were experimenting to be "different"
than previous Matamp's and Orange products, utilizing those very parts.
The boards reminded MATAMP USA of Peavey 5150 type of assembly and the future customers
expecting the GT-120 basic one board with hard wired tube sockets and EQ were freakin' out
and refunds were issued by Matamp USA for orders almost a year old over in the UK !

The Input jack and PRE GAIN pot shown [right].
Things like the crusty DIRECT Cliff jack [shown left] always cracked up MATAMP USA technicians
wondering how it wound up in a "brand new" order from the UK.

The nice thing about such huge PC boards, is that if/when they burn up, you have plenty of room
to cut and hardwire the section back together.  After almost 10 years of jamming, this amp
has proven more than worthy.   Hours of play time and still no heat marks shown on the board
where the tube sockets mount up.  The key is to be running your tubes biased folks !

The amp panel cracks are typical of the UK Import units from MATAMP.
By design the panel takes the torque and the panel flex creates the cracks and breakage.

The wave in the Orange enameled front panel shows the bend it made upon impact at some point,
in it's travel.  The front panel although craked remains straight.
The corners of these amps require particular attention during installation into the sleeve
in order to prevent snagging a corner and breaking the panel.
once they are pulled away from the back panel reinforcement, snagging is a higher possibility.

In the year 1999 the Huddersfield shop was doing some gear for a UK Regae band.
This pot leaf vinyde sleeve was purchased by Matamp USA for their greenamps.com site
that supports the Stoner / Doom community.

Fans of SLEEP, "Sleep's Holy Mountain" immediately identified with the look.
The amp sleeve made this Iommi tone monster all the more unique.
Bastardized Orange, Matamp from the UK and finalization by Matamp USA
makes this amp unit the only one ever seen in North America to date.
The POST "Pre Gain" 7th knob amps had different layout under the hood,
and the already mentioned horizontal pre amp tube.

Like the band SLEEP, the GREEN UK amps burnt out of production but not out of the scene.
GREEN Matamp's are common find from Matamp USA or the used trade in section of
ELECTRIC AMP, USA's  Pro Audio Shop.  The UK ceased GREEN Matamp in 2005.
Vinyde cost to replenish the stock that MATAMP USA funded were high, and the UK
owner wished to cease affiliation with the "Stoner Rockers" whom are accused of
playing with their volume knobs on full blast.   During June of 2005 MATAMP USA orders
were changed in the UK from GREEN Matamp to Green logo'd amps with no green paint
and no green vinyde.  The upset from the prepaid USA customers was massive.
The Entire England Shop Issue over the "Green" became a  Screwie Dizzy Hoax
ending with Matamp USA closing the door and ceasing it's production
by MATAMP UK with formal finalization in August 2005.

Electric Amp Innovations, USA was already producing Matamp USA's speaker cabinets,
so it was natural for the amp line to become reality.   By the end of August 2005,
ELECTRIC AMP, USA had sourced and rolled and entire 1000 yards of
it's own Trademark Green Vinyde.

For the first time since the Green Amp was sought after, the USA's Greenamps.com could
at last debut an all GREEN Amp Unit line made from brand new parts
on fresh powder coated green chassis.


Now an all hardwire, true point to point Greenamp line is made by the people
that actually played guitar and bass on Green Amps !

Matamp USA became a service, repair, buy - sell - trade outfit, Matamp UK went into mini amp
production for entry level modern tab music shop patrons.  ELECTRIC AMP, USA picked up where
things should have maintained and headed in 1968 with tube amps for Pro Audio Musicians!

In essence the production years from 1993-2004 where left behind by both the USA and the UK.
Although Matamp UK and ELECTRIC AMP, USA went in two different directions, they remained
common ground in the fact they both went into "new amp" production their own way.

So, much controversy over the activity and business dealings between Matamp USA and MatUK
evolved from forum wankers in the UK that it perpetuated gossip to the levels of late night comedy.
Fanatically loyal and uniformed gossip swarmed always pointing at the USA in defamatory levels.
As the years passed, and the Greenamps from Electric AMp USA continued on to flog the stages,
some of even the  "thickest" forum wanks wrote in apologies to the USA leaving only a few.....
how did Pink Floyd say?  "hanging on in desperation is ......"

As the years pass, it is obvious that both the USA and UK outfits have had their chance to
individually express and produce utilizing their talents and area of focus.

Dave Green remains the UK's top engineer for Matamp in Huddersfield and for Ashdowne.
The move to modern small amps with a Sharper Image esque USA flare is popular in the UK, and
Dave Green is at the source of it's innovation for Great Britain.

ELECTRIC AMP, USA expressed the simple old school 1968-1974 pre emission control
open headers, high octane Pro Audio in a Military Grade format through as big of a speaker cabinet
as possible two guys can  fit in a van !

The conflict that existed being over, ultimately  created an evolution of two great lines of products.

GOOD WORKING BUT BEAT:         $1100 -1850
BLOWN but BEAT:                         $ 400-900


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