RANGER Amplifiers made in Italy.
This was the High On Fire of 1966 as these Tone Brothers toured Europe.
Notice how battered the cab vinyde is.
The man in Black with the capo on the 3rd fret was probably hella loud.
Amps must be loud and blasting articulate tone to keep up with Brass.

Ranger Stacks used by the Jackson 5 when they toured 
Europe and South America.

Gerry, Noel, Kapitena, Simaro & Thierry had Pro Audio in mind.

The actual name was Green Ranger Pro Audio.
They were Italian made for about 3 years and available for 4.[1966-1970]

Pea Soup Green with golden hardware, 5 knob tube amp !
The photo above is the current running unit of
Alberto Dani from Toscana, Italy.

 Italian Guitar Pedals  

Thank you for sharing Alberto !


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