In 1993 Al Cisneros Ordered a mondo amount of gear from the UK.  This particular unit
should have been a KT88 200 watt Unit.  Silent upon arrival it was teched and periodic
    blows as it was a tube eater.   Later after SLEEP ended, this unit parted with
Matt Pike and was put to it's final roast during early High On Fire sessions.

Made from a 1970's MATAMP SL120 this unit was covered in GREEN vinyde and a new panel
by Matamp of Huddersfield and sold to the band as "new".
The SL3 Tape marking is the ID that SLEEP placed on the unit.
Sleep band members frowned upon relations with the UK Shop for the expense, delays
After the last amps arrived, relations ended with the UK permanently.

SLEEP disbanded, leaving a giant wake of tone in the atmosphere.
Al Cisneros went on to live life fulfilled with it's new discoveries.  Matt Pike, formed
a new band called HIGH ON FIRE and had all of his gear repaired by MATAMP USA.
This amp unit was refabed by Matamp USA in Spokane, and remained stable since.

In 1999 the amp was brought to Matamp USA by Pike in person, to trade for one of
the first Matamp GT120's Matamp USA was having made in the UK Shop.
Matt Pike explained  "the amps were alot of stress and just never worked right."
"All of 'em !" he exlaimed, "lots of stress with no support from the UK shop."

Almost a decade later in 2003 Al Cisneros contacted Matamp USA that was
now on the eve of evolution of ELECTRIC AMP, USA.   With complete Mutual Realization
and Understanding regarding the stress around attaining gear,
 EA-USA and Al were able to move forward with good vibrations.

The Greenamp headache era was over...

Al's new band OM has the sonic vibratory tones and reliabilty from
tube amps, made custom by ELECTRIC AMP, USA.



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