Made from Spare Parts left from the MATAMP JAZZ/BLUES 50 Combo Era.
The MATAMP Jazz/Blues amps were Brown Leather with a tan grill & Brass hardware.
Expensive to build and noisy little units the launch of the Jazz Blues 50 didn't go far.
There were some leftover parts from this era 1998-2001, so I had them sent over
and the 1x12 Box covered in GREEN Vinyde.


1x12 Combo at around 50watts with reverb.

Sleek and small, this little bugger is a tight fit inside.

Converted to act like a GT [graphic tube] type EQ with REVERB.

Back of the 1x12.

Joel Wheeler -01 ~ Made December 25th, 2001
This is the only one like this ever built.


Cool little chassis of a good gauge of stainless steel.  The amp final speaker choice
was the China Made CELESTION Hot 100.

Hot 100 under the EQ and reverb tank.

2 EL34's and a transformer change after testing many configurations
the amp came to life in good fashion.

Placement was changed under the chassis to accomplish a humm free frequency.

The only hardwire turret board amp with no PC's to ever have the Matamp 
name on it from 1994-2001.  The next era of Matamp UK amps were turret track 
type construction on Ashdown Chassis.


A nice generic turret board was made to mount the basics on.

Smooth Move MATAMP USA, this old dog turned out pretty trick.


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