The 1994 GREEN Matamp from Huddersfield England was made from used parts from the 70's.
ALL of the green units were made from old Matamp GT's and Orange Amp Parts.  A band named SLEEP

paid for a slew of these units in 1994, and had nothing but problems right out of the box.

14 Months was the wait time for the delivery after paying for the amp.

The amp arrived broken from the UK and required about $500 worth of repairs. 
The UK shop owner, Jeffrey Lewis was a huge hassle to deal with which slowed down
all of the repairs.  Dave Cockling was the engineer at the time at Matamp UK, and
was helpful with advice and schematics.


Back of GREEN GT120 [covered MATAMP GT120 from the 70's]

The slave out jack was installed and hooked up here in the USA.
The amp arrived with a hole in the chassis with the text under it.   
This was made functional here in the USA.

Back in the old days, the feet were also the chassis bolts.

As you can see, the inside of the front panel looks like maybe this
amp was used for about 20 years in a club.  Glazed with smoke
and heat film, this was a used GT120 covered in green by Jeff Lewis
and sold for new at a hefty rate.

Click on the image above for larger view.

This amp get's used all the time and has been a reliable unit since it's new
transformers were installed in 1996.   The last time the tubes were
changed was back in 1999.   It get's used for bass and guitar.

The choke is still orginal as it arrived in 1995.

Out of the 200 GREEN amp's I have played in the last decade
there have been about 12 that had this funky font that said GREEN.
It is a little more exaggerated the way it is drawn.

When you pry the panel back you can see the metal panel is actually
the original style MATAMP Cinemascope painted metal front panel.

When we shine the light down between the trefolite GREEN logo
panel and the original metal panel, you can see the top of the "T"
on the MATAMP Cinemascope logo.

The transformers blew in November of 1995.   12 months later the new
set arrived from Huddersfield without the choke.
$540 US Dollars + shipping and installation this amp was up and running again.

100's of Green amps have had their day getting tested, modded and
equiped to pass the MATAMP USA Customer requirements.

This old amp still blazes and has mouth dropping tone.

If you ever see one of the GREEN GT120's from pre 1999.
You might want to jump on it.   It will reflect the 1970-83
MATAMP GT's that are still total workhorses after set up.

Here is what you would be looking at paying in USA Dollars
with shipping included.

GOOD WORKING BUT BEAT:         $  900-1250
BLOWN but BEAT:                         $   400-900

This is Part One in a series of reviews on GREEN amplifiers.

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