MATAMP GT 120 BASS UNIT.  Very few of these GT120's were built with the actual "bass eq"
and featuring the bass clef on the front panel.   This particular unit arrived to MATUSA in sad shape.
It was stripped of all it's Matamp Armour, and had no identity.  The amp unit is pre 2001 on a 
nikel type chassis and has a PC board mounted EQ that  was found only on the GT amps that
Dave Green built specifically for "Bass Guitar".   Few of these were made from 1998-2000 and
were used to fill orders for MATAMP USA.   Knowing this by looking inside, the next quest in
this situation was locating the parts.    After 6 months of ordering parts, getting some of the right
ones, and re-ordering, the amp is back on the bench.  The front panel was from old stock in the UK
and we wound up with one that had the bass clef, however states 200.

When the amp showed up, it did not have a front panel.  In it's place was a home hacked panel
that was mounted with glue, and one heavy duty chunk of angle iron and more glue.  The chrome
handles were mounted on a chunk of wood/press board and used to cover the under side of the
chassis.  So the handles were actually on the bottom.   Finding the roll bar set up that usually goes
with the handles is impossible.   A new metal front panel was cut, then the handles were mounted
with flat washers to keep the panel from being under too much pressure by the handle surface.

It turned out alot cleaner than we thought and is very secure with a rigid metal front panel.  

Under the hood, you can see this is PC-O-RAMA UK Style.  Duel boards stacked, which are no fun and if you
look to the top left, you will see the PC board that the pots are mounted on for the BASS EQ.   The cool thing
about this unit, is the #1 and #8 valve pins on the valve bases are pre wired and each valve bass has it's own
bias clam.  Fast and simple to repair desing with the exception of the factory use of a rivit gun were nuts and bolts 
could be used.

           A very cool chassis indeed.  Heavy duty with no flex, this style of MATAMP chassis was a replica
           to what Mat Mathias had originally started in 1970 with his GT80's and GT120's.   4 EL34's and
           hand wound transformers.   The amp has a funny attack, but has incredible tone.  The last 1/2 inch
           of the volume knob brings in a HUGE volume boost.  Dark and full of buzz, this is a killer amp for
           bass players with big pick ups in their axe.  Ric's, Gibson Rippers, and other high output bass rigs
           sound great.  Gibson Guitars with humbuckers sound kill through this too.  The cool thing about this
           unit is how silent it is when on, until you strike your strings.

New these units had a sticker across the back of the chassis.   It was stripped off. 
Cleaned up and marked with permanent marker, the unit looks very clean.  Placed
in an aftermarket black basketweave amp sleeve, this unit is ready for final testing.