EQ: Brilliant Normal Bass Middle Treble Presence Master Standby Power

Pentode Triode - Bias Adjust and Test Points, 16 - 8 - 4 OHM Output Jacks

It is no secret that Dave Green builds some of the world's best tube amps from his bench
in the UK. Dave is known for MATAMP USA Custom built 120watt Amps, ORANGE Voice of The World amps for Cliff Cooper [up to 2001], Ashdowne Amps, and HIWATT reissue units.

The NEC is a "HI"BREED, "Mat + Hiwatt" unit.  Dave Green created a universal chassis
to accommodate a buffet of different amp units.

As you can see the amp sleeve is very much from the Hiwatt design.  These units have
a strong HIWATT tone to them, amd have the capability to distort like a Matamp
non master volume unit.    An organic distortion, not overdriven gain.

Very smooth and LOUD amplifier.  Still, not as loud as the original HIWATT's and MAT's.

This particular unit was built for George Rice after he left HIGH ON FIRE in 2004 and is 
one of 2 NEC's in the USA.



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