GEORGE RICE - MATAMP NEC " New England Classic"

The black basketweave was abundant in the era of 1997-2004 for MATAMP UK.
A very HIWATT looking Matamp unit is what George Rice traded in his blown 200watt unit for.

The Amp Sleeve was probably some of the finest work from Huddersfield 1993-2005 Era.

This chassis was a universal Huddersfield UK chassis that was being seen used by Ashdown, Matamp,
and these HIWATT'sh looking NEC units.

Unlike HIWATT these units have a overdrive similar to the MATAMP, USA 2003-04
built version called a GTO, except smoother mids and much more range from the EQ.
Great unit with a very functional EQ !
This is one of 2 ever imported into the USA.


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