1962 MATAMP S2000 20watt - SNOWBLIND

Original Mat Mathias amplifier from 1962 in white basket weave vinyde
amplifier head sleeve [1968-2000 era].  Matamp 2X12 vertical cabinet
from 2003 USA Model.

THE WHITE Amp line was launched as a tribute to Howard E. Wheeler
the father of MATAMP Distribution, USA's owner.   Mr. Wheeler was
known as "Mr. Clean" and was a land speed breaker on snow.

In 1983 at age 45, he was killed on his Polaris Indy 605 in West Yellowstone, Montana by a jackass on a Yamaha SRX440.

In 2003, 20 years later the WHITE line made debut in the USA.
The UK Factory was doubtful that it would sell or be popular at all
Joel persisted, placing the first WHITE order himself.

The lights make the equipment any color you want on stage and
seems to add incredible aesthetics to stage shows.

The WHITE Amp line has now continued on as a trademark logo
of the Electric Amp Innovation Company, USA.  Now known
as WHITE Electricamp.

Old School 120watt Amp Units Hand Made Custom in the USA  
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