ORANGE Voice Of The World AD140B Hardwire

1999 ORANGE AD140B Serial No. 12

Hand Made in London England in a special custom shop around the corner  from the legendary ORANGE Voice Of The World Headquarters.   These amp units are true grit hard wire versions from ORANGE of London, available on a custom order basis.

Heavy Duty Amp sleve with an enameled metal back grill.   The infamous orange enamel
chassis, simplistic with only 6 holes punched in the back of it.

Heavy Gauge Metal front panel Enameled in white with ORANGE decor. Top Quality!
Power, Standby, Master, Treble, Middle, Bass, Gain and 2 inputs.
The basic 5 knob tradition that ORANGE has used since 1973 - 1999.

SLAVE, 4ohm, 4ohm, 8ohm, HT FUSE and Power Cord Input with fuse tray.

Mondo Transformers placed up front and propper.  6L6 Valves with 2 12AX7's
and nice tall LCR Filter Caps.

Straight forward and basic chassis outlay on top, makes for easy design layout
under the hood of the chassis.   Roll bar construction originating from early
Mat Mathias design of GT style Matamp's.  This roll bar construction is unique
and done correct, as only seen on original Mat Mathias built amps.  Notice how
the knobs/pots are not at risk when the amp is on it's front.  Also, the roll bar
serves as a support cage preventing the tubes from touching when the amp
is upside down being serviced.

When you look inside the ORANGE AD140B Hardwire, you will see that it is 100% old school hand made
style TUBE AMP.   Out of the 100's of imported from Great Britain in the last decade, this amp is the
only "True" Point To Point Hardwire Unit model I have seen.  Get rid of those cage nuts and weld in some
chassis nuts and that would be the only recommendation to change this unit.

It true Artisan Craftmanship, Signed & Dated September 1, 1999, Serial #12.

The ORANGE AD140B Hardwire Unit is pure.  When you turn the
amp on, the power light takes a moment to glow.  At a full glow,
the amp is incredibly silent.   No frequency humm or buzz at all.
Turning the volume up, the amp remains silent.  Punchy full bass
tones burl from this amp unit.   The SLAVE OUT jack in the back
of the amp is being utilized in the photo above.  This allows the
EQ from the AD140 to be shared with the additional power provided
from the ORANGE Matamp SLAVE 200 that drives 4-15" speakers.

The ORANGE AD140B drives the 8-10 in good fashion @4 ohm.
The amp really sounded supper through a single 2X15 @8ohm.

The amp has strong clean tones with the stock 6L6 Valves and
a partial distorted tone at full volume.   It holds solid and stable
for good punchy bass.   With EL34's, the tone heats up the distortion
and you have a brighter voice, with overdrive that can let you do
a wider range of distortion.   For kicks I ran a set of 6550's with
the voltage around .35volts per socket.   Burly fat bass tones
with a ripping distortion came from the unit.   The space between
the glass is too close, so I don't recommend this tube for
permanent use.

From the 2003 ORANGE USA dealer price list, this amp is listed
for $3199 without shipping within the USA.

Here is what you would be looking at paying in USA Dollars
with shipping included for a used ORANGE AD140B.

GOOD WORKING BUT BEAT:         $1500-2000
BLOWN but BEAT:                         $   400-900


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