GREEN Matamp Toaster Amps for MATAMP USA

November of 1998 the very first little amp appeared in the USA. Sporting 2 little 4 inch speakers and about 3 watts of solid state running off a battery or adapter.

The amp was named "The Toaster" by Joel Wheeler of
MATAMP USA.  21 of these little amps where purchased
and distributed by Matamp USA.   The amps that arrived
all had 4 inch speakers except 3 units which had the 6".

The production run also featured metal corners.

Output jacks where installed in the USA on some which would bypass the 2 little speakers allowing the user  to run an external speaker cab.  They are pretty cool.

The amps arrived 14 months latter January of 2000.  People where really freaking out to get their amp that they paid $279.00 US Dollars for.   The Toaster lot all arrived without badges.  Screwie Lewie in the UK sent the amps out without
badges and logos.   This was a typcial practice for his shop
regarding pending Matamp USA orders.  The Village Charade!

 Badges where made by MATAMP USA that said GREEN and under it in helvetica said TOASTER.

After they arrived, MATAMP USA was informed by the UK
factory that the "toaster" had been discontinued.  It was toast!
The remainder of the order never arrived nor was refunded
to Matamp USA.  So Matamp USA had to refund it's customers.
In essence pay 2 times for product that would never arrive.

The amps where about the size of a modern toaster
and where cool to jam on.  They take a "British" 9 volt.
Which according to the UK Factory are "easy peasy" to find.   Described as "about the size of a pack of fags".  Not a good mental picture if you are American.  Finding them in the USA is like looking for rocking horse road apples.  MATAMP USA located some, and they are an old cardboard box looking battery.  They last quite a while and make the amp fun in the van or out in the woods at night with a bottle.

Some people really dig the toaster.  It is novelty for sure,
but for what it is, sounds pretty ok.  Some folks where
expecting it to be the "ultimate" in score and packed with
pure tube amp tone.  Well... they where upset and a few
people freaked.

If you find one of these, epect to pay between
$250-600+ US Dollars.  The one shown above is the very
first one imported to the USA .

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