The terms "Hardwire", "Point to Point" and "Turret Board" is often misunderstood.
Here is a look inside amps to compare Hardwire, Point to Point with Printed Circuit Module versions.

1971 HIWATT Hardwire, Point to Point Turret Board by Dave Reeves in ENGLAND.

1970-72 ORANGE Matamp Hardwire Point to Point Turret Board by Hand Made by Mat Mathias

1972-1978 MATAMP Printed Circuit Board, Stranded Wire Tube Amp from Mat Mathias.

When the shop in Huddersfield was sold in 1993,  MATAMP units from 1993-1997 were built
on top of old amps like this by merely putting green vinyde and a new panel on them.
Crusty leftover units from the factory that had been sitting since Mat died in 1989 were sent out
as "new" GREEN Matamp's by Jeff Lewis until MATAMP USA was started in 1998.

1999 MATAMP PRINTED CIRCUIT "PC" Board and STRANDED WIRE AMP Made in the UK by Dave Green.

1999-2000 Matamp INSIDE A DOUBLE DECKER PC BOARD , Stranded Wire Amp made in the UK by Dave Green.

1999 ORANGE Voice of the World Hardwire, Point to Point made in LONDON ENGLAND.
ORANGE Voice Of the World of London's Custom Hardwire Shop is probably the best Hardwire Tube Amp
supplier in the United Kingdom.  Nothing seen from the UK since Dave Reeves, Mat Mathias and Harry Joyce
died has looked this good for quality, performance and sound in the UK Tube Amp Production.
Even the owner of MATAMP USA raves about these ORANGE hardwire units from London.

2001 MATAMP Printed Circuit Board, Turrets and Stranded Wire later called the "turret trak".
A misleading term used in the UK hinting that there is hardwire point to point turret construction
when there actually is not. Made in Huddersfield UK.  The turret's are mounted to PC's not turret board.
The DIODE section to the right of the board fall off when the PC Board warms up.
The turrets fall right out of the holes in the pc's because they are soldered in also, instead of
pressed in with a turret mounting type tool.
Something when imported MATAMP USA had to mod
right out of the box from US CUSTOMS.

2003-05 MATAMP UK with full bloom of the "Turret Trak" construction.
Printed Circuit boards plenty linked with stranded wire and turrets to mount the resistors feeding the
PC's and digital module gadgets.   Made in the UK, just add 17" Monitor, Mouse with Keyboard.
The red boards were a little more heat worthy for the turrets so fewer fall out.
The PC's for the plastic SPEAKER JACKS and OP Tranny leads became the next problematic area.
The USA Models typcially had resistors and caps changed out by MATUSA to filter out the radio noise.
Under the hood of these amps is like looking at a new Subaru.  Lots of gadgets and little open space.
Everything is so fragile, including the giant casserole chassis pan as it has a TON of flex.
The combination of multiple Printed Circuit boards that run the entire length of the interior,
combined with the low gauge steel flex, create lots of issues down the road for a working musician.

2005 ELECTRIC AMP, USA Military Grade Hardwire Point to Point Turret Board Hand Made in USA.

2006 GREEN Electricamp, USA Military Grade Hardwire Point to Point Turret Board, Hand Made in the USA.
Burly, strong and ready to play all night long.

2006 MATAMP UK plentiful with items mounted in every square inch on PC's and
now including a push button EQ system to activate and deactivate all of the modules and switches.
Seeing 100's of solder connections, should be an indicator to buy stock in UK Lead.


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