RED MATAMP 120watt 2 Channel Amp Unit.  1 of 2 that arrived in 2001 as 2 Channel Amp units for MATAMP USA.  Notice the push button Standby and Mains switches. Full on Ashdown

Seperate ,GAIN, EQ and MASTERS.

IEC, VOLT SELECT, SLAVE OUT, 1/2 Power, Bias Set, Spkr Jack OHM Select 4-8-16.  This head sleeve had great design and good vents.  Notice all of the
decals and the clean chassis design.  This amp turned out to be a crossbreed
Ashdown / Matamp.

First of the UK  Stainless Steel Lt.Duty Chassis.  Notice the bias Adjust on top.

5 PRE Amp Tubes, 6 Filter Caps, 4 EL34's.

The Chassis mounts are in a different spot than any other Matamp.
This is the first of the "new" board design from Dave Green in the UK.
This was about 6 months prior to his Turret Trak TM Design that was
debut in the 1224 Models.  This chassis is 1" smaller in each direction
as compared to the 2001-2005 Models

Twin 2 Channel Amplifiers from 2001.

Both of these amps had incredible tone, and the channels are
voiced different, so there is a difference between the tones when
you hit the footswitch.  This mod was completed in the USA by
MATAMP USA.  Channel 2 on both of these amps is definately
darker in tones, with a more authentic rye British Tone.  [Sabbath]
Channel 1 is  spiced with more drive, brighter and more sustain.
[Sleep, High On Fire]  Both channels are very nice when the drive
and gain is backed off and the masters are higher.  The Clean tones
are nice and authentic.

The amp sleeve/box resemble a smaller version of a HIWATT or early
Marshall.  This is a smaller box and chassis than the 2001-current
MATAMP line turned out to be.  The vinyde front panel is not part
of the amp sleeve/box.  It is actually mounted to the chassis.

MAT USA ordered several more 2 channel versions from
MATAMP UK from 2001-2005, NONE of them ever showed
up in this format.   The other versions were not true 2 Chan, but
Circuit Switching. [ie: GTV, GTOL models]
These 2 amps are true Channel Switchingamp units that were
made from demos of Ashdowne Chassis components and
design properties.

These two units are closer to actual "hardwire" construction
than any of the other  Matamp Model amps made by
MATAMP UK from 2001-Current with the exception of the NEC.
These are not built with the Turret Trak which is a PC mounted
board for DC and Turret Tags for Audio Wire.
Both Methods are brilliantly designed and done by Dave Green.

Excellent Amplification and IDEAL for the true 2 Channel User.

GOOD WORKING BUT BEAT:        $  900-1250
BLOWN but BEAT:                         $  200-600