GREEN Toaster 1997

The Very First GREEN Toaster 1998.  This unit played all night
on Thanksgiving that year by Joel Wheeler from the penthouse suite 
of Tom Foley, Speaker of the House US Congress.

Which came first the GREEN or the ORANGE. advertised their GREEN Toaster Amp in 1998.  
It was named Toaster by Joel Wheeler who had a very large Sunbeam Toaster Collection.

Since it was the size of a 2 slice toaster, it was a cool idea at the time.

Only 21 total GREEN versions where made for MATAMP USA.
Additional orderes where ended because of the hassle making them run
once they arrived from the UK.   In 1999 and 2000 ORANGE Blasters started to 
reveal themselves online in eBay Auctions.  Apparently Cooper liked the idea too.

Both versions of this little amp are rare finds.

Recently in 2008 one went on eBay for 600 US Dollars.

Inflation and Politics from the get go.


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